Discovering what is right & good for you


Figure out how to get more from life without having to do more. Share what you have and benefit from those feelings and your new perspective. In the end it’s all about our connections to our world, to others, the beauty of everyday, listening to your body, and figuring out the right life for you.

Appreciate what you have and share it

  • Marvell at things we take for granted (toilets, planes, light bulbs) all the wonders of our modern day experience. 
  • Express gratitude deliberately pause and be grateful for (food, water, friendship, home, sunlight, child’s laughter, skyline). 
  • Delight in others joy – witness and appreciate others joy – teenagers laughing, young lovers holding hands, colleagues success, mother with a child. 
  • Recognize human suffering and contribute to the greater good.

Ask & listen to yourself

  • What’s actually happening? 
  • What outcome do I truly want? 
  • When you’re distracted ask “where is it important I focus my energy/attention right now?”
  • If you regularly interrupt others notice what happens in your body, take a step back and ride the impulse. Schedule time to focus and ask yourself "Why Am I doing this?"

What are you waiting for?

  • The perfect time an opportunity will never come. What are you waiting for? Start creating the life you want right now. Remember life is an adventure; not a recipe or rule book. 
  • Ask yourself: Who are you and what do you want to do with your life? How do you view work? What do you believe in? What’s your philosophy on life? How do these connect or align?
Create 3 scenarios to these questions: 

  • Do if what you’re currently doing comes to an end? 
  • What would you love to do if time and money were not factors? 
Sketch it out for the next five years. What do they look like? This stimulates creativity and cross pollination. Start having conversations with others and figure it out. Make micro changes and begin moving forward. Start with who you are and things will naturally evolve. You’ll move from being to doing to becoming.

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