Be mindful of the moment


What does it mean to be thankful or grateful? 

It’s not about convincing yourself everything is fine. It’s means focusing on what you have and appreciating it. It doesn’t mean to ignore or avoid difficulty or uncomfortable things. But rather to approach it from a different perspective. 

Appreciation softens us and soothes us through turbulent times. It’s connects us to ordinary things that we tend to take for granted. 

  1. Think of anything or anyone you feel grateful for:  Hold dear the sunrise, food you will eat, friendship, health, job, and now notice how you feel? Warm, Lightness, tingling, this is you connecting to your gratitude and resulting in happiness. It keeps our hearts open to tenderness in all of our daily experiences. 
  2. Offering appreciation is a peaceful way to strengthen and repair emotional bonds.  Notice how you feel or someone feels when we express genuine appreciation and thanks for doing something simple. As you practice appreciation you’ll notice shifts around you and inside of you. 
  3. A simple daily habit.  Say thank you, write down 3 things you are grateful for, think of 3 people and wish them health and happiness.
  4. Savor the joy and be present.  Don’t take things for granted. Walk in the sun and notice the warmth on your skin or the reflection on the water. Notice your feet on the ground, the pace of your walk, notice the air crisp or heavy, notice the light as it passes through the leaves and branches. 

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