Mindful eating


Mindful habits make eating and dietary habits sustainable. 

  • Take 3 breaths, slow down, Ask yourself why do I want to eat? (hungers, stress, boredom) 
  • If hungry then snack but choose mindfully. Consider what is calling you. Often we are feeding primary need and not a hunger need. 
  • Pay attention to your primary foods (relationships, work, spirituality, home, etc) 
  • Use your outer wisdom to know how much to eat ( 100 cal per hour before meal can stave off hunger.) 
  • Use inner wisdom to savor the food, eat slowly, do nothing else, pay attention to the food. Be flexible try other techniques.
  • Restrictive diet plans are not the way to good nutrition. 
  • How do you eat? Are you using the TV, phone, FB, reading newspaper, or watching a movie? 
  • Sip water before eating or making food choices. 
  • Cook with love focused intention when preparing the meal, gratitude to be able to nourish yourself and your family. 
  • Try no distractions during your lunch time. Notice how the food tastes, feels, how you feel.

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