Beans, Beans, They're Good for Your Heart!


So Why are They Called Kidney Beans?⠀No, really. It's that simple. Kidney beans got their name due to the resemblance they have to real human kidneys. 

Kidney beans have significant amounts of fiber and soluble fiber, they are also very high in protein and iron.  The vitamins in kidney beans help improve brain function and is also beneficial in slowing the progress of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Manganese in kidney beans also aids body’s antioxidant defenses to make sure that the harmful free radicals.⠀When kidney beans are consumed in the right quantities they can cleanse the digestive tract, removing toxins from the body and lowering the risk of colon cancer.⠀Kidney Beans contain copper which reduces inflammation in the body in the case of arthritis. Copper helps with flexibility of the ligaments and joints.⠀

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