Waist Management and Not Weight Management


Be more concerned about how big your waist is rather than the number on the scale. Many serious health issues are linked to excess fat around the waist and belly. Height divided by 2 = Ideal Waist Size 

4 easy little steps with big results! 

  1. Cut out the diet sodas. The sweeteners are triggering your brain to eat more. There is no nutritional value in diet soda so your brain says “eat more” because it’s saying “feed me” looking for nutrients. It’s a vicious cycle. Drink more water. If that’s difficult then naturally flavor the water(add fresh pieces of lemon, Orange, Berries, mint, or cucumbers). 
  2. Get more sleep. It increases growth hormone which helps burn fat as well as repair and build muscles so you can increase strength and lose weight. It also increases vitality and gives you that sexy healthy look. Who doesn’t like that?!? Find strategies to help you sleep: cut out caffeine & alcohol, use meditation, clear clutter and use bedroom for sleep not work or watching TV, have a regular bedtime and try to get 7-8 hours. 
  3. Exercise. Even a little bit makes a difference . Engage in resistance training, yoga or Pilates. Even 10 min 3x a week will give you results and help build long muscles. Yes, 30 mins a week...now you can’t say you cant find the time. 
  4. Eat delicious, healthy foods. Add nutrient dense foods and Whole Foods to your plate. Set a goal to eat fresh fruits or veggies at each meal. Eliminate or reduce the amount of processed foods you eat. Try to but local, organic, non-GMO and grass fed. Eat seasonally it will provide your body with balanced nutrition throughout the year. 
Diet, NOT dieting changes everything. Eat more fruits, vegetables, drink more water, and exercise. Your body will do the rest. 

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