Heal Your Gut


  1. Avoid taking Antibiotics - Antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria in your gut. It takes a long time to rebuild the healthy gut bacteria after one course of antibiotics. 
  2. Manage Stress - Stress destroys your digestive system. Find ways to de-stress: #yoga, meditation, #breathing, exercising, creative expression. 
  3. Drink Plenty of Water - Water helps keep your body functioning: supports digestion, regularity, and transports nutrients throughout your body. 
  4. Take Probiotics  -Probiotics help with digestion and reduce risk of disease. They help replenish good gut bacteria 
  5. Eat Slowly  -Slow down. It improves digestion and can prevent bloating and gas. Be mindful when eating and enjoy it. 
  6. Eat Fermented Foods - Fermented Foods balance gut flora and improve well-being. They contain healthful bacteria. 
  7. Tip 8 Drink Kombucha - Tea Try kombucha once in awhile. It contains healthy bacteria to rebalance your gut. Kombucha is a #probiotic 
  8. Add Bone Broth to your Diet - Bone broth helps repair the gut lining and reduce inflammation. 
  9. Eat Dinner Early - Give your body time to rest and digest so that it can work on the process of repairing cells instead of digestion. 
  10. Skip Processed Food -  Eat whole foods. Processed foods interfere with gut health and function causing inflammation. 
  11. Include High Fiber in your Diet -  Gut bacteria loves fiber. This is their food source to help you and keep you regular. 
  12. Eat Oily Fish - Omega-3s & fish protein can reduce inflammation and support the repair process in the body.
  13. Say no to the Cocktails - Alcohol causes dehydration and inflammation. It's toxic to your liver and interferes with digestion. It may also increase your risk to certain cancers. 
  14. Get Quality Sleep - Sufficient sleep helps you make better food choices, handle stress, repair cells, and regulate hormones. 
Always speak to your Doctor regarding your health issues and changes to diet and lifestyle. 

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